Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming ( 943-000052 )

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Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming ( 943-000052 )
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Logitech G440


Logitech G440  Hard Gaming Mouse  Pad

The Logitech® G440  Hard Gaming Mouse Pad features a low friction, hard polymer surface ideal for high DPI gaming, improving mouse control and precise cursor placement. Consistent surface texture improves sensor performance, especially when used with Logitech G gaming sensors. And the multi-layer construction with a rubber base and hard polymer core give G440 a stable foundation for precise in-game mouse maneuvers. 


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logitech g440 low friction surfacelogitech g440 surface texturelogitech g440 matched to sensors

Low friction surface

Consistent surface texture

Matched to Logitech G sensors

Low friction surface provides minimal resistance to the mouse feet when making the small movements common to high DPI gaming, requiring less force to start or stop a movement and minimizing the chance of overshooting cursor placement.

The consistent surface texture provides the sensor the optimal imagery for translating mouse movement into cursor movement, an improvement over often inconsistent or dirty table or desk surfaces.

Using a surface texture closest to the optimal testing environment, G440 gives gamers access to the get the fullest Logitech G mouse sensor accuracy and precision

logitech g440 thin rubber base  

Thin, rubber base


High DPI gamers make very subtle hand movements and even the slightest shift in the gaming surface can interfere with precise cursor control. The rubber surface ensures a stable base for mouse movement.



Technical Specifications

Height: 11.03 in (280 mm)

Width: 13.39 in (340 mm)

Depth: .13 in (3 mm)

Weight: 8.07 oz (229 g, approximate)

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