About us



What is Starcomp?

We sell 100% genuine computer parts and peripherals for all your needs from gaming to high-end workstations for video editing or sound production or for home theatre entertainment. We have a physical store in Kolkata where you can walk in and find all your computer needs. You can build your own PC from scratch with the premium products available here and we are sure you will be satisfied and content with the quality and variety of products.

What Do We Do?

We offer after sales customer service and warranty on each products.

Where are we located?

Address : 10, Ganesh Chandra Ave, Chowringhee North, Bow Barracks, Kolkata, West Bengal 700013

Which brand's products do we sell?

We sell products from a variety of brands including AMD and Intel for CPUs, Gigabyte and Asus for Motherboards, WD and Seagate for HDD, Corsair and Kingston for RAM sticks, Zotac, Asus and Gigabyte for Graphic Cards, Samsung, WD and Adata for SSDs and many more. We also sell all the available products from Corsair and Logitech.